The inherent corrosive nature of the materials involved in the mining industry is extremely demanding on the coatings used there. Powder coatings are emerging as a viable option in this market. The proven corrosion resistance and durability of powder coatings are two main reasons for this increase in acceptance... Learn More


Over the past 12 years, SCPC has powder coated numerous industrial projects for a variety of customers in and around Saskatoon. These projects include heavy duty welding decks, service bodies, trailers, sand & gravel boxes, and countless other items where an exceptionally durable coating is required. Learn More


Aluminum and steel fencing, canopies, signage, and structural steel are among the recent projects we have powder coated at SCPC. Powder coatings offer a wide range of colors, including metallic and textured coatings. Many of these projects include complex items making them difficult to paint with wet coatings... Learn More


The agricultural market was the first in the Saskatoon region to implement powder coating technology on a large scale. Powder coatings are used on virtually every item on many seeding, spraying, combining, and tillage tools that require a paint coating. Powder coatings have been proven to be durable enough... Learn More


Architects are well aware of the benefits of specifying powder coatings. Implementing “Super Durable” Polyester powder coatings because of their outstanding gloss retention properties makes it a clear choice for these projects. When you add the fact that powder coatings are applied in a consistent manner ... Learn More

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Who We Are

Saskatoon Custom Powder Coating was established by 3 partners in 2001 to meet a growing demand in Saskatchewan for a top quality powder coated finish.  Since then, SCPC has expanded operations significantly to offer an even greater service to existing and potential clients.

Whatever your powder coating needs are, we have you covered. From mining and industrial equipment, to farm machinery and car parts, we do it all.

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Advantages of Powder Coating

Here are a few advantages powder coating has over traditional painting practices. Click on each item below to find out more.


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